Oukitel K7000: The thinnest smartphone with a huge battery

by Dimitris Economou 4

Oukitel is well known for devices that provide very long battery life, as they come with large batteries and low consumption hardware. The K4000, K6000 and K10000 feature the same mAh batteries as their name suggests. The only disadvantage of these devices is that they are a bit bulky. That’s why Oukitel is bringing the Oukitel K7000 that, as its name suggests, will carry a 7,000mAh battery.

Oukitel K7000

That is not what is the key component of the smartphone, though. The K7000 will be the thinnest device with such a battery as the phone’s frame will reportedly be just 4.0mm thin! We still don’t know how thick will be its entire body, but we will have to wait and watch. You will justifiably wonder how in the world did Oukitel manage to fit a so much big battery inside such a thin frame. It must have a pretty big display, right? Wrong! The display size is going to be 5″ with HD resolution and will have a metal frame, while you will have Androi 6.0 Marshmallow to play with.

It is said that the K7000 will be released this summer, probably in July. Stay tuned for further info on the Oukitel K7000, a device that may change the design policy of many other companies. More info can be found on the Official Facebook page