UMi Super teardown reveals easy repairable design

by Dimitris Economou 0

Since UMi Super launched, its craft and performance has been praised by its fans as it offers premium hardware specs at a cut down price. But have the designers had to cut corners somewhere inside to keep its price low for everyone to enjoy? This can only be determined by disassembling the device to see how easy it is to repair and inspect the internal design for any flaws. So,today, the company uploaded a video of the UMi Super teardown.

As shown in the video, fter removing nearly all the screws one is able to extract the module containing the charging port, the 13MP rear camera from Panasonic and the 4,000mAh battery from Sony with PE quick charging. The good news is that the fragile port can be repaired easily in case something goes wrong.

Umi super teardown

In case you want a device that is tough enough to rarely need repair, UMi launched a rugged phone – UMi London, which combines dual-glass protection technology with super stylish design. For more details about UMi London check here.

Umi super teardown Umi super teardown