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CM13 for Elephone P9000 getting better and better

by Dimitris Economou 2

Elephone is trying hard to gain peoples’ attention not only through new devices but also via support for its current devices. For 2016, ROM developing and debugging is first priority for the company that has been accused of bad software support in the past. All this apply to the current P9000 model too of course.

Last week Elephone uploaded a video of the device running CM13 pretty smoothly. In the video you can see some of the best features of the ROM, such as multi-window support. The ROM isn’t ready for daily use yet, as more functions are added but right now Elephone seems to be working hard on CM13 development. Today, the Russian developers managed to solve one of the biggest disadvantages of the ROM. They managed to make the mobile network to function, as up until now it was impossible.


So, it seems that we are getting closer to an official release of the popular CM13 for the P9000 which is a great thing considering how lightweight, fully-featured and efficient the Cyanogenmod ROMS are.

P9000 CM13

P9000 CM13

P9000 CM13

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  • Wolvie

    This is CyanogenMOD, don’t get mix up with CyanogenOS.

    CyanogenOS are a commercial company that do the android coding for a fee (NOT FREE).

    I might be wrong but cyanogenmod only exist because of the collective efforts of Cyanogenmod
    Community. Elephone got nothing to do with the creation/maintaining their firmware. Again those kind independent programmers around the worlds are doing this coding job for free on their hectic schedule, and again i don’t think they receive any support at all from Elephone

    it is just VERY UTTERLY DISGUSTING for Elephone to take credit that actually don’t belong to them.

    Again i might be wrong.

    • Steve

      How do you know that Elephone hasn’t hired the Russian devs to port CM13 to the P9000?

      If they have, then fair play & credit o Elephone.