Upcoming Vkworld Crown V8 Will Feature Thermal Touch

by Dimitris Economou 2

The Chinese company Vkworld is ready to bring an all new design with its upcoming model named VKworld Crown V8. It’s going to be one of the world’s thinnest mobile phone, with a thickness of only 4.7mm. But it’s not only thin, it will also come with a thermal touch, providing a whole new touch screen interaction.

VKworld Crown V8


The device looks quite different from what we are used to seeing. The front and back of the phone are covered with glass and the frame is metal but the shape of the phone is different from others, a little bit like the old Moto Droid Razr. The phone also partially looks like some Vertu phones.


IP67: Crown V8 features IP67 certification. That means it is water-resistant, dust-proof and shatter-proof and can be submerged in one-meter-depth water for 30 minutes.

Vkworld Crown features Corning Gorilla Glass 4 but with some redesigned details such as a shatter shield layer covering on the surface of the glass to further protect the phone.

Display: The display of Vkworld Crown comes from LG Display and it is an IPS display with OGS full lamination.

Speaker: The device is also packed with front-facing speakers which can deliver surround sound and deep bass like some HTC phones do.

The phone is about to hit the market in the middle of July and the price is $79.99. So far, that’s all we know about the VKworld Crown V8. The mysterious thing about this phone is the thermal touch screen and how it works. Still, we will keep you posted once we learn more information about it.