UMi Super to support U.S. and Canadian 4G LTE

by Dimitris Economou 2

Mobile network bands are a  big mess around the world, as different countries support different bands. Especially North America, which is using LTE bands that hardly any countries use. So, most devices coming from China, support only the European LTE bands and have many buyers there.

For the above reasons, it’s good news to hear that UMi intends to step into the the North American continent market. Yes, the UMi Super EURO2016 Champion Edition will support U.S. and Canadian 4G LTE bands and plan to launch presales next week.

Super Euro 2016

How did the decision come up? UMi has entered 46 countries and markets without the North American continent . But as almost 10% of UMi website visitors come from North America and show enthusiasm in their products, UMi decided it was time to take the big step and enter that market too. This is going to happen initially by adding the required LTE bands of the US and Canadian carriers so that the users can experience the device in full.

Super Euro 2016

Naturally, after upgrading UMi Super to support 4G LTE bands in the U.S. and Canada, the device now is considered a “4G flagship killer” and its subscriptions target has risen to 22,000.

If you don’t live in North America, you don’t care for all the above, but you do care about winning a free UMi Super regular edition for free  as well as a UMi VR headset. So go ahead and subscribe here to try your luck.