Get Dodocool DA36 quality in-ear headphones 50% off

by Dimitris Economou 1

Quality sound in smartphones is one of the key specs that manufacturers try to improve in order to obtain an advantage over their rival companies but they often all make the same mistake: Although the sound chip found in the device is very capable, they put mediocre (and sometimes poor) quality headphones in the package. Luckily, there are third-party solutions that come to the rescue, offering quality headphones. One of these solutions comes from Dodocool, a company that not only makes quality headphones, but at a reasonable price too. Like the Dodocool DA36.

dodocool DA36

The Dodocool DA36 come with a luxury design and appearance with  a premium and durable PU Cord. The headset is made of wood combined with metal that give the accessory a premium feel and looks. But looks isn’t enough so it also offers 10mm dynamic armature with better insulation and leak-proof sound, high sensitivity 104db/1mw(S.P.Lat 1KHz), stable frequency response curve(bandwidth range 12Hz-23000Hz).

dodocool DA36

The 3.5mm jack is Gold-plated, for better sound output without any interferance and is compatible with all devices with a 3.5mm port like iPhone, Samsung devices, iPad, PC etc.

Although its price was already low for the quality it offers, it now comes at an even lower price, only $19.99 at TomTop plus a $2 off coupon (SNVOSOHthat bring the price to $17.99. You can catch the offer here for the next 14 hours.