NO.1 D6 Smartwatch Comes With A SIM Card slot (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Chinese manufacturers don’t have the proper licencing from Google to use Android Wear on their smartwatches and for that reason, most of their devices have proprietary Java OS installed. This limits the possible functions of the device to basic things, like answering phone calls, reading SMS messages etc. Luckily, that’s not the case with NO.1 D6, the new smartwatch that was announced about a month back. The company has a tradition in making good wearables and this is the case with D6 that comes with a full Android 5.1 Lollipop installed.

No.1 D6

The other day, NO.1 uploaded a video on Youtube, showing the watch operating and pointing out the key functions that someone can use. Basically, it is a full, standalone smartphone in the form of a smartwatch as it has a SIM slot and can be used for making phone calls as well.

On the rest of the video, we can see the device being capable of GPS navigation as it supports GPS/AGPS for location services and auto-wake up function with the display waking up as soon as we lift our hand to see the display. Health monitoring is another key feature that makes heart rate and step counting easy with the built-in sensors and daily calorie consumption is showing on screen everyday.

NO.1 D6

Other than that, all other functions are supported via apps (browsing, Facebook, weather etc). After all, it is an Android 5.1 device with a quad-core SoC and 1GB/8GB RAM and internal storage combination! Below you can watch the video yourself to see the NO.1 D6 in action.