UMi Super has reached 20,000 subscribers so far

by Dimitris Economou 2

According to official figures from UMi, the subscribers for the UMi Super device have reached 20,000 in a month. Why does it sell so well? UMi has asked five people that subscribed and bought the device to tell their story about them choosing the UMi Super. So, let’s see what these people said about the device.

UMi Super Euro2016

June, 27, student: ”Latest hardware but astonishingly cheap .”

The UMi Super is one of 2016’s premium-end devices, but it places itself squarely in the affordable range. This is a powerful flagship handset equipped with Flagship specs that costs over half the price of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Michael, 31 years old, explorer: ”Biggest battery life I have ever had”

When I do my research for a new smartphone, the battery that can support me playing all day will be my favorite. Umi Super packs a 4000mAh battery with PE quick charging technology that can charge the device from 0 to 50 in 30 minutes, It’s really fantastic when you are in a rush to get outside.

Abbey, 25years old, teacher: “It’ doesn’t look cheap with metal.”

The device has an all-new sexy “space-grade” aluminium unibody design. It kind of resembles a slimmer with 4,000mAh battery that match the Samsung’s or Apple’s build quality.

Mike, 21years old, student:”Exploring pure Android 6.0 Marshmallow.”

Without buying Google phones like the Nexus series, UMi Super show what “pure” Android looks like. It make me like a real geek between friends.

Iris , 22 years old, worker: ”It has a great camera.

The UMi Super features a 13MP rear facing camera which has been tuned for better low light snaps, There’s also an 8MP front facing camera, for better selfies.

Umi super

You can still subscribe at their website to win one regular UMi Super for free as well as a UMi VR headset. Try your luck Today here.

Besides the flagship UMi Super, UMi will launch a Rugged phone as well- UMi London, which combines dual-glass protection technology with super stylish design. More detail about UMi London check here.