Xiaomi MiBand 2 Available At Banggood, $14 Coupon Code Included

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Xiaomi launched MiBand 2 couple of weeks back among much fanfare. MiBand 2 comes with a great many features and is a huge improvement over its predecessor MiBand which was launched last year. Now MiBand 2 is available for purchase from the online store Banggood.Com for a price of $49.99 (332 Yuan). Further, you can get a discount of $14 on the purchase of MiBand 2 by applying coupon code miband27.

Xiaomi MiBand 2

Xiaomi MiBand 2 is a beautiful combination of plastic and aluminium and comes in elegant black colour. It features a 0.42inch OLED display which has been the main selling point of this wearable from Xiaomi. It can be connected to all the Android devices running Android 4.4 and above and all the iOS devices running iOS7 and above.

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MiBand 2 offers a lot of features which include the following :

  • heart-rate monitor
  • sleep monitor
  • activity tracker
  • pedometer
  • resistant to scratches and fingerprint
  • IP67 water, dust and sweat resistant
  • can unlock your phone
  • nudges you to move
  • scientific self-control movement

It is fueled by a 70mAh battery on which provides standby time of 20 hours.

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