UMi London: The story behind the name

by Dimitris Economou 2

It is always interesting to learn more and more technical specs about new mobile devices, but sometimes it is more interesting to learn the story behind each creation. And today we get to learn the story behind the upcoming UMi London and how it got its name.

UMi London

UMi London Inspired by London

As the smartphones have been growing in size and power, many buyers are expecting their device to be durable enough for a longer time than past devices. There may be many rugged devices but it’s disappointing to see that almost no product combine the rugged function with a fashionable design. When UMi team traveled to London, they were amazed by the Tower Bridge, started by the Prince of Wales, that stands there for over 120 years. UMi team hope their next smartphone could be as strong as Tower Bridge and as beautiful as it is, so they named their next model “UMi London”.

UMi London tower bridge

Tower Bridge uses over 11,000 tons of steel providing the framework for the towers and walkways. That inspired UMi’s product manager using dual protection and stable 3M frame to ensure survive in 1.5M drop. The dual-glass is melted with such precision that it meets the curved metal alloy to create a seamless and strong unibody, not only for solidity but for a gentle feel in hands. The framework is just like Tower Bridge that uses stones to protect the underlying steelwork and to give the Bridge a more pleasing appearance.

UMi London

All the above constitute a rugged but beautiful smartphone. More info about the device can be found on its official product page here and can be preordered for as low as $59.99 here.

UMi London