The Super Thin VKWorld Crown V8 Comes With Self Healing Scratch Shield Coating

by Dimitris Economou 2

The Vkworld Crown V8 is an upcoming model from the Chinese manufacturer, Vkworld. The company claims it will be the world’s first thermal touch and the thinnest device so far, measuring only 4.7mm. In addition, other leaks say that it will have thermal touch and a modified Corning Gorilla Glass 4 with shatter shield layer covering on the surface of the glass to further protect the phone.

vkworld crown v8

Now, more information is leaked about the exterior of this phone and it refers to the back cover material that is similar to what we saw on the LG g FLex 2 that has the impressive feature of healing itself after being scratched.

vkworld crown v8

The coating on the back cover is named “Scratch Shield”, coming from Japan, which was first used in cars and is mixed with high-elasticity resin which can change its shape when wounded by external force. Unlike G Flex 2 which needs about 10 minutes to recover from scratches completely, Vkworld Crown will need just a few seconds. You just swipe the scratches and then they will be gone. The “Scratch Shield” is not only found on the back cover, it will also expand to the front part around the screen and the home button.

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It hits the market in the middle of July and the price will be around $79.99.

vkworld crown v8

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