Arealer VR SKY Virtual Reality Headset discount + coupon on Tomtop

by Dimitris Economou 0

China is maybe the biggest technological power globally right now and whatever new technology or gadget comes out, it quickly makes its way to the market manufactured or sold by Chinese companies. Of course, VR Glasses could not be an exception. Luckily, the made in China VR Glasses are significantly cheaper, especially those that are standalone and don’t require an external content source. This is the case with Arealer VR SKY Virtual Reality Headset that is on sale now at TomTop and gets another $30 of with the coupon Arealer.

Arealer VR Sky

The device has a 5.5″ 1080p display embedded that is driven by an Android 5.1 OS (Nibiru OS) that can run all apps and games made for Android. The SoC is an octacore Allwinner H8 powered by a 4,000mAh battery that shoul give the device a good battery life. Of course, 2GB RAM are available along with 16GB internal storage and all the standard wireless protocols. The necessary 9-Axis Gyroscope is also available.

Arealer VR Sky

Arealer VR SKY uses anti-blue rays, double 45mm Aspheric, high transparency (PMMA) lenses which offer distortionless image. The FOV is 100° (similar to human eye, giving you a broad perspective) and ultra-low levels of light leak. It can achieve super low latency time so you won’t feel dizzy while using it. The VR Headset supports adjusting pupil distance and is compatible with naked eyes with myopia under 600 degrees.

You can get it here for the next 10 hours at about $100 using the coupon code mentioned above!

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Arealer VR Sky Arealer VR Sky