Insta360 Nano 360-degree Smartphone Camera Accessory Discount On TomTop (COUPON)

by Suhaib 0

Nowadays every one of us likes to take a lot of pictures and share it with our close ones. Smartphone makers know this and they are equipping their products with large megapixel shooters but for some smartphone cameras are not enough. This is when Insta360 Nano Compact Mini comes into play. This accessory can be mounted on your phone and you are ready to capture beautiful moments to your heart’s content. Insta360 Nano Compact Mini is available for a price of $290.49 on TomTop.Com. Further, there is a discount coupon available which reduces the price of this device (US dollars $276, Euro248.4, UK GBP198.72). The coupon code is INSTA360.


High-quality aluminium alloy material is used in the manufacturing of this device which gives it a premium feel too. Insta360 Nano Compact Mini comes with a Sony’s 8MP CMOS Sensor and has 2 Dual 210° Ultra Wide Fish-Eye Lenses which enables you to capture a 360° view from a single-point and captures the perfect video and panorama shot with ease.


You can shoot videos with a resolution of 3040 x 1520 pixels at 30FPS and also capture images with the same resolution of 3040 x 150 pixels. It comes with a shutter speed of 1/8000~2S. Insta360 Nano, Insta360 Studio and Insta360 Player is accompanied with this device. Insta360 Nano Compact Mini comes with Apple MFi certification, and supports iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus. If you need to connect it to iPhone 5S then you may need another USB line for the purpose.


Insta360 Nano Compact Mini beams your photos to your device and by using Insta360 App you can directly share the captured photos to social media without breaking a sweat. It is compatible with VR headsets as well so that you can view the videos and photos you have shot in virtual reality.

Insta360 Nano Compact Mini supports storage support up to 64GB via SDcard and it comes with an 800mAh battery which is just more than enough for all your shooting needs. If you want to check out more about this device please click here.

Buy Insta360 Nano at just $198.49 (use coupon: INSTA360)