Blackview R7 vs UMi Super (video)

by Dimitris Economou 2

The guys at Blackview are very proud of their new flagship, the Blackview R7 so they decided to make a short comparison video of it against another high appreciated device, the UMi Super. In the video we can see a basic comparison on the main features of the devices.

Blackview R7

First of all, you will immediately notice that the two devices look very much alike, with the main differences being the positioning of the rear camera and the charging port type that is different. The R7 features a standard microUSB port while the Super features a USB Type-C port. Both phones have all their buttons placed on the right side while the left side hosts the SIM card tray.

On to the user experience part, both seem very fast, without an stuttering or lag observed. Both take screenshots the same way and fast too. The main difference is located in the camera sector where the Blackview seems to take brighter photos compared to the UMi Super. Both devices use LCD IPS displays and the Blackview is a little bit cooler (which I would prefer) while the UMi is a bit warm.

Blackview R7

The Blackview has better specs for its price overall as it may have smaller battery capacity but if you buy it until July 15, it will cost you $169.99, $60 less than the UMi Super, which is almost 30% cheaper. You can watch the comparison video below.