Elephone Offering Huge Discounts On All Products, Coupons Included

by Suhaib 1

Device manufacturer from China, Elephone is offering huge discounts to all the customers valid across all product ranges. This discount is valid until 17 July and there is no limitation on type or kind of products you choose. The more you buy, the less it will cost you. Elephone has some recommended packages for you as well to save you the trouble of browsing and choosing products. Please click here to get more details.


There are some discount rules as well discount coupon codes using which you can save up to $50. The rules and coupon codes are listed below:

Shopping Bag Value           Discount        Coupon Code

above $100                                      $10                    10off

above $200                                     $25                     25off

above $500                                     $50                     50off

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In addition to that, Elephone is also giving you a chance to earn more dollars under its ELE JOB campaign where the more you share about this campaign on social media sites like facebook, Twitter etc the more Dollars you will earn. You can withdraw the cash from PayPal.