The Vkworld Crown V8 Features Self-Learning IR Blaster

by Suhaib 5

Vkworld has been registered the accolade of manufacturing the thinnest smartphone in the world. We are talking about VkWorld’s Crown V8 which measures only 4.7mm thick. But its thinness is not the focus of our discussion here. It comes with pretty eye-catching features like self-healing resin back cover, thermal touch screen and Corning Gorilla Glass display.

crown v8


Self-Learning IR Blaster

crown v8

This smartphone comes with the ability to control air conditioners, set-top box, and TVs of many international brands. If you are not able to find the brand of your device then the self-learning ability of this smartphone comes into play and copies all the buttons of the remote control and learn everything by itself.

Special Bluetooth Connection

crown v8

It comes with a special Bluetooth connection using which you can check the messages, call details, music and other files on the other connected device. In addition to that, you can use this smartphone as a Bluetooth speaker as well.

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That being said, other features of this device include front facing speakers, integrated home button and power button. Vkworld will be launching this smartphone sometime in mid-July carrying a price tag of $79 (528 Yuan). We expect more details to emerge in the days to follow. Stay tuned!