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Another UMi Super OTA is out!

by Dimitris Economou 2

Since battery life and capacity has been a feature that Chinese phone makers have been looking at carefully, over the past year battery sizes have gotten larger, charging faster and processors more energy-efficient in a bid to give you as much usage through the day. UMi Super comes with a 4,000mAh battery + quick charging technology to catch peoples’ wish and the company continues to improve software to get the best out of the hardware. The third UMi Super OTA update is out and here is some highlights and improvements it offers:

Super Amoled Style ultra saving mode

  • Intelligent— Automatic battery life enhancement
  • Marath – Super AMOLED style ultra saving mode. Once this function is activated, it will turn your display to black and white and keeps only “Phone calling” “Text message” and check “Phone book” for maximum enhancement of the remaining power.
  • Sleep—Disable all network functions (calls, SMS, WLAN and data services), except for alarm clock.
  • My mode—Customize your own power saving mode. Automatically save the status of your daily use and decide the mode according to your needs.
  • Battery saver—Automatically switch on power saving when the battery is low.
  • Scheduled profile switch—S switch battery profiles at a scheduled time.

UMi Super OTA UMi Super OTA


UMi Super OTA

Super OTA



Camera optimization

UMi Super implements a 13MP camera sensor by Panasonic with a high-speed camera and great low light imaging for good performance in low light conditions. With the new optimized software, the autofocus speed is improved and photo resolution is bigger.


Optimized GPS accuracy

Mediatek SoCs have been accused of inaccurate GPS receivers in the past but that has improved a lot since then. The new OTA update is here to improve the accuracy even further.


UMi Super OTA

Super OTA

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  • You said that “With the new optimized software, the autofocus speed is improved and photo resolution is bigger.”
    How much the resolution of camera become 16MP ?

  • jimberkas

    waiting on the US version that was mentioned a little while ago. bought a moto G4 today on the amazon prime day. its the 32GB ad supported version from amazon, got it for $85 with credits and promos. Also bought the ad supported Blu R1 HD for $60.
    supposedly able to unlock bootloader, root, and install stock rom on the G4 which would eliminate the amazon ads.
    on the Blu phone, should be able to install 3rd party lockscreen to remove amazon ads as well. We’ll try it all out this weekend. might make for some nice cheap phones, plus its fun to tinker!
    all these deals on regular US phones make it hard to justify rolling the dice on some of this interesting china only phones.