Oukitel U13 Pro will feature full metal body (pictures)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Smartphone devices with metal body is not a new trend. It has been around for many years and it became especially popular after Apple started using Aluminum to build the iPhone. Some of its advantages are better feel, attractive appearance, crush resistance and in some cases, better bend resistance than plastic.

Oukitel U13 Pro

Many manufacturers have chosen to go with metal bodies, but only a few implement full metal construction, as most of them chose to place plastic caps on the head and bottom of the back where they place the antennas. This is because metal interferes with the cellular signal and it is really hard to achieve a good signal reception with an embodied antenna.

Until now, only a few companies like Apple and HTC have released full metal smartphones. However, Oukitel has accepted the challenge and plans to build its new flagship Oukitel U13 Pro in full metal. Similar to the iPhone 6s Plus and OnePlus 3 design, U13 Pro features three-segment design. Except the nano-molding-injection line that acts as an antenna (section B&D in the photo below), all other parts are aircraft grade aluminum alloy. The alloy ensures the light weight of Oukitel U13 Pro (156.7g) about 35g lighter than the iPhone 6S Plus. Further details will be made available soon.

Oukitel U13 Pro