UMi London: Drop Test Video Plus Free Units Giveaway

by Dimitris Economou 0

UMi says that UMi London is their best effort yet at making a phone that isn’t just affordable, but durable and good looking. In the past, we’ve shown off the device along with its specifications. However, the durability aspect of the UMi London is what buyers seem to find very interesting.

UMi London

So UMi has put together a quick video demonstrating how the UMi London can take falls and drops that all of us experience in our daily lives. The video goes to show how durable the UMi London is, despite being a phone that will hardly even set you back at just $59.99.

What’s more, the company is willing to send fans free units. What they expect in return is only comprehensive community review, which will help them shape even better. If you think you have it in you to put the UMi London to test and bring out the bright and dull spots with vigor, head over to the $0 Review program and do your best to convince them why you should be chosen. A total of 10 reviewers globally will be chosen, who will be enlisted to receive a free device. Winners will be chosen on the basis of their application (this is not a lucky draw!), so do your best to convince them!