ELE Explorer Elite new video and photo samples

by Dimitris Economou 3

A while ago we had informed you about the upcoming ELE Explorer Elite and some of the features it will bring. Well, the latest news is even better. Apart from the video recording quality that remains the same at HD(120fps/60fps/30fps), FHD(60fps/30fps), 2K (30fps) and 4K @24fps, it seems that the battery is going to be even bigger. So, instead of the 900mAh it will come with a 1050mAh battery capacity that allows for up to 80min of FHD video recording. The chipset that will deliver all this is the updated Novatek NT96660.

Explorer Elite

The camera lens is adjustable from 70°to 170° and it can be controlled through a smartphone as it is WiFi enabled and it comes with a waterproof cover for videos underwater as well.

Elephone uploaded a new video demonstrating the video and photo capabilities of the device and the Sony IMX078 seems to be very good. The device supports slow motion shooting, different resolution and video recording at different frame rate. As we all know that the higher the frame rate is, the smoother image transition is. In the video, we can see that the results are quite impressive and have nothing to fear from almost double-priced products.

The ELE Explorer Elite is on sale for $79.99 and you can find it here after you check out the product page for more detailed information here.