UMi London 100ft Drop Test Reveals Surprising Results (Video)

by Dimitris Economou 5

A while ago, UMi uploaded a video showing a short drop test to demonstrate the durability of its new device and it went pretty well. This time UMi performed something really scary… A drop test from 100ft above ground! And it seems that UMi London passed the test once again! Well, almost. More for this on the video below.

UMi London

The drop was made with the help of the new custom-designed add-on case that not only will enhance the look of the UMi London even further but it will make it even more rugged as well. As seen in the video, the London can take more than just a beating. Considering its price, it is perhaps the best rugged phone you can buy right now.

You would have noticed that the screen does give in at one point. Well, good news is that despite the broken screen you can still use many functions of the phone! Unlike some popular brand phones (including the Apple iPhone), a single minor crack on the screen of the UMi London will not make the phone useless.

So, it can be summed up that the UMi London is a phone that can take a beating, and that the 100 feet drop test turned out to be quite successful. You could see in the video that the phone was usable despite the cracks on the screen, which by the way were really few considering the height of the drop. What do you think?

You can find out more about UMi London here and about the rugged armor case here.