Vkworld Crown V8 comes with Security Features which enables tracking

by Dimitris Economou 0

We have already told you about the thermal touch as well as the scratch shield features that will be available on the Vkworld Crown V8, the super thin (only 4.7mm thick) device coming from Vkworld in a few days.

vkworld crown v8

So today we learned some more details about extra software security features that will also be present when the device is released as well a build quality feature. Let’s see them one-by-one in detail:

Aerospace-class metal frame

1. On the left and right side of the phone

2. CNC, diamond cut, polished shining surface

3. Much stronger than normal aluminum frame


“Guardlock” protection

After being activated, the phone will require a password input when the SIM card is changed. If the password is wrong, the new SIM card will send a text message to your designated phone number in the background.


“Mobile Tracker”

After pairing with another mobile phone, if either phone is 200 meters away from one another, one phone will ring and show the position of the lost phone.

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“Safety Lock”

After being activated, it requires password everytime the phone is power on or off. Very useful if someone steals your device and tries to deactivate it so you cannot find it via the Android Device Manager.

vkworld crown v8

To sum up, here is what we know until now for the Vkworld Crown V8. It will come with a unibody design and a Gorilla Glass 4 covered LG IPS display with OGS full lamination. The battery is also supplied by a big manufacturer, Sony. Samsung is the provider of the RAM chip. The Gorilla Glass 4 that will also cover the back of the device will feature a Scratch Shield coating on the back cover from Japan. Although it will feature a front facing speaker, it will have IP67 certification as well as an IR blaster. It will be made available soon, maybe by the end of July.