Lenovo Laptop with 4G connectivity may be unveiled in coming months

by Dimitris Economou 2

Recently, an Apple patent showed that the company may launch a 4G cellular capable MacBook. In order to optimize the signal strength in the future and to avoid problems that show up in an all metal notebook, Apple will probably integrate the antenna on the MacBook case. Now, according to information that a Chinese media obtained recently, a Lenovo 4G laptop will also be released in the next two months with an integrated cellular network antenna to allow for internet connection literally everywhere.

Lenovo 4G laptop

Smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices have implemented support for mobile networks. But in order to have internet access on a laptop, you need to use a WiFi hotspot.

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An internal Lenovo staff member said that Lenovo’s new product range includes 4G LTE enabled notebooks and is expected within the next two months to hit the market as product planning process is very fast. These notebooks will be able to use the 4G cellular internet nationwide.

Cellular connectivity on a laptop would really make it easier for the device to connect to the internet everywhere. What do you think?