Vernee Apollo Lite demonstrates super multitasking (video)

by Dimitris Economou 3

Recently, more and more smartphone makers are adopting deca-core configuration. Several days ago, Meizu released MX6, which sports the 10-core Helio X20 CPU, the same as the Vernee Apollo Lite. Along with the new SoC from Mediatek, came the highly effective multi-task processing strategy of the three-cluster deca-core framework.

Vernee Apollo Lite

Helio X20 can delegate simple tasks to one cluster of cores, while directing more-complex (and more-power-hungry) tasks to the other clusters. If the smartphone is doing only simple tasks, such as sending text messages or running the calculator on one cluster, the other clusters can power down and therefore drive smoother performance and decrease the power consumption by 30%.

Vernee Apollo Lite carries Helio X20 and Apollo is powered by Helio X25. The two high-end SoCs, both feature astonishing operating smoothness. Vernee official also releases a video showing how fast and smooth it is when Apollo Lite runs more than 20 apps at the same time. Apart from the instant app-changing, every app selected comes in the foreground ready to use without any reloading that is observed in many high-end -and much more expensive- flaghips. It seems that Vernee has done a great job software-wise.

Vernee Apollo Lite

Vernee official is holding a campaign to allow customers to purchase Apollo Lite at only $199.99 at 10:00AM UTC every Friday in July. More details here:

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