Vernee Apollo Lite Power Consumption Explained

by Dimitris Economou 4

Lately, more and more discussions are made concerning battery technology and the progress that has been achieved. Or rather, hasn’t been achieved. And as hardware has become adequately powerful in all categories, users no longer want just powerful performance for their smartphones, they want longer battery life and better user experience. More and more people want high “Practicability” instead of raw power.

vernee apollo lite

As one of the most important chip makers in the world, MediaTek has achieved great success in middle-range and low-end markets. However at the same time, it is striving to break into the high-end market as well so this year MediaTek released its high-end chipset, the  Helio X20. Helio X20 is, in fact, one of MediaTek’s flagship products in 2016. The 20nm process this chip adopts brings very powerful performance and along with the architecture of “three-cluster deca-core” CPU prolongs the battery life to a great degree. The 10 processing cores are switched on or off smartly via the allocating system – Corepilot 3.0. According to MediaTek, the adoption of this technology decreases overall power consumption by nearly 30%.

vernee apollo lite
So far, many smartphone makers included this chipset in their flagship, such as Xiaomi Redmi Pro, Meizu MX6, Vernee Apollo Lite, LeEco Le 2/Le 2 Pro etc. Among those flagships, Vernee Apollo Lite is mainly aimed at European market, and it’s been in stock for sale for a long time. Recently, vernee released a video showing the real time CPU status of Apollo Lite in use where you can see the cores going online or offline, depending on the power needed:

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