Elephone ElePower Thunder Powerbank Launching Soon

by Dimitris Economou 2

More and more companies are trying to provide every accessory possible and powerbanks fall into this category. Samsung has done it, Xiaomi has done it, OnePlus has, Elephone has and is ready to do it again. Soon Elephone will launch a new power bank named ElePower Thunder. The new powerbank has attractive appearance which can meet the demand of customers, but also there are more on the configuration and parameters.

ElePower Thunder

This new power bank will feature QC 3.0 technology and the capacity of it will be 16000 mAh. The C-rate of QC 3.0 is 4 times as fast as normal charge technology, and the charge efficiency will be improved by 38% compared to QC 2.0.

Powered by the most secure LG cell, the new power bank can lower the deterioration caused by long-time usage and the rate of safety isimproved dramatically. For the time being, the exact parameters of new power bank has not been published. However, it is said that this power bank is a high-end product. But we still can expect its price to be affordable, considering the low-profile style of Elephone.

More info will be available soon on the official Elephone page.

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