Vkworld Crown V8: Super Thin Budget Phone With Great Design Up for pre-order

by Suhaib 0

Every month we witness countless smartphone launches from many reputed brands all over the world. Among these numerable smartphones, only a few manage to catch our eye. One such smartphone is Vkworld Crown V8, a smartphone from Chinese brand Vkworld which has set the record to become the World’s thinnest Thermal touch smartphone. This smartphone features an outstanding design and we are going to talk about that in detail.

Crown V8-1

Vkworld has used Zn-Mg (Zinc-Magnesium) alloy to make the body of this smartphone and combines it anodic oxidation and paint spraying technology from South Korea to lend it the premium feel and finish. It comes equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 technology to prevent any scratches or to protect the display during falls.

Crown V8-2

Vkworld has used exact edge cutting design with extreme precision to give the screen its perfectly rounded corners. Further, this smartphone comes integrated with a shatter shield layer for providing better resistance against occasional bumps and accidental falls. The main purpose of this layer is to prevent any damage in case your smartphone hits a hard surface.

Crown V8-3

The feature that sets it apart from other smartphones is the self-healing resin design on the back of this phone. Vkworld has imported this resin material from Japan and it gives this smartphone the ability to heal the back cover in case of any nicks or scratches. It does not attract fingerprints as well so you do not have to wipe the display over and over again to remove the fingerprint marks.

Crown V8-4

This smartphone is just 4.9mm thin and features a zero-gap construction design all around. The symmetry is maintained throughout the design of the phone to give it a more premium and uniform look overall. It will feel pretty solid in hands.

Crown V8-5

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Vkworld Crown V8 is now up for pre-order across all major stores for a price of $79.99 which comes around to 530 Yuan. In addition to its salient design, this smartphone comes with enhanced security features about which you can read here in detail.

Hopefully, we will get a review unit soon to check out its elegant design in detail.