Elephone P9000 Edge Comes With Speakers From AAC

by Dimitris Economou 2

As time passes and we approach the official release of the Elephone P9000 Edge, more and more specs are being officially confirmed. We already know about the dual-microphone that ensures noise cancellation feature as well as the dual-camera sensors that is the IMX258 with PDAF and is provided by Sony.

Elephone P9000 Edge


Today, we learned about the audio hardware that the flagship device will carry and it will be provided by AAC. The speaker as well as the audio DAC will be from AAC. The AAC speakers are well known among mobile phone industry as they are famous for their fine and loud sound that is difficult to imitate.

AAC solution models also include iPhone, Samsung S7 Edge and many more. Allegedly, Elephone P9000 Edge can bring comparable sound same as the iPhone 6S and Samsung S7 Edge.

More details of the upcoming model as well as current Elephone models can be found on : http://www.elephone.hk/