Elephone S7 Internals Exposed, Reveals Compact Motherboard

by Dimitris Economou 1

Elephone S7 attracts great attention since the first day it got exposed. The double curved glass design has attracted many people and a lot of them are asking when it will be released. No information on that for now, but today we get more info on Elephone S7, a photo that shows the mainboard of the Elephone S7.

Elephone S7 internals

According to the photo, we can clearly see the Elephone S7 RAM (shows in the red box ) but can not find the location of the CPU. It is reported that Elephone S7 is using PoP (Package on Package) technique which means the RAM is top of the CPU. This reduces the mainboard size, giving more space for other hardware (such as battery) and also allows the phone to be more light-weight and slim. We can see from that the Elephone S7 motherboard is a lot smaller than iPhone 6S as well as the Samsung S7 Edge.

Elephone S7 internals

Apart from reducing the size, the PoP technique allows faster data transferring between the CPU and the RAM and thereby improves logical functioning. As of now, Elephone S7’s initial commissioning has been completed, the screen has been lit and we believe that soon we will have an official release date from Elephone.
For more details, check the company’s official site: http://www.elephone.hk/