Universal 10 x 40 Monocular Smartphone Holder Available For $19.99

by Suhaib 0

Every once in a while you might not be satisfied by the photo or video quality captured by your smartphone and you must be willing to get better quality photos and videos without spending on a new smartphone or a camera. Banggood is selling a smartphone accessory that will do the job you need. It is a smartphone holder that doubles up as a monocular and helps you capture amazing images. The price of this monocular smartphone holder starts from $19.99 which comes to around 133 Yuan.

smartphone holder

There are many salient features of this smartphone holder, the first and foremost being the simple clip that holds the smartphone perfectly and firmly in its place. It comes with a dust-proof lens and comes with a very comfortable design which makes it easy to hold in any condition. It features an objective lens with diameter 42mm and field of view 1200m/9600m.

It comes with dual focusing capabilities which help it in capturing the perfect image and it features qualities of a good camera like a good resolution, noise reduction and good light. It comes with a focusing knob which enables you to capture the most crystal clear image.

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It is an ideal for shooting on outdoor occasions like musical concerts, football games, outdoor expeditions and much more.