Leagoo T1 is here to challenge the OPPO F1

by Dimitris Economou 6

Oppo may have built a good reputation when it comes to design and build quality, but spec-wise it lacks the components to justify its price tags on most of the devices it makes. And Leagoo is targeting OPPO F1 with its own Leagoo T1.

Leagoo T1

The Leagoo T1 may fall short RAM amount (2GB vs 3GB) but ties the game in every other aspect and takes the lead in some of them. Both devices carry a 5″ 720p display, quad-core SoC  and same camera sensor sizes but the T1 has LED flash on both the back and front. Oppo advertises that the F1 is made of metal, but that is not the whole truth. Oppo F1 has a 65% metal body where Leagoo T1 has an 85% metal body. Add to that the fingerprint sensor that has become almost essential on today’s smartphones and you can see the clear precedence of the T1. Oh, Leagoo reveals that the T1 also has smaller bezels.

Leagoo T1

Software upgrades is another sector where Oppo has some problems and the T1 has an advantage. It comes with Android 6 out-of-the-box whereas the F1 is still stuck on Android 5.1. More detailed info on the Leagoo T1 can be found

Well, that’s all we got about the T1 for now. More detailed info on the Leagoo T1 can be found here.

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Leagoo T1