UHANS A101: The fingerprint-proof device

by Dimitris Economou 1

As the company claims, the Casa Vicens inspired UHANS A101 is full of light and warm curves. In order to make it more delicate, the designers decided to put two layers of rubber coating to the back cover. And from what they say, it feels insanely good.


Rubber coating is also called leather coating as it feels just like leather. Unlike glossy glass and plastic which is slippery most of the times, rubber coating gives the hand soft feeling. What’s more, the finish is really good as the texture matches well with the round shape and curved frame.

However, the back cover’s best feature is neither the feel nor the design but the anti-fingerprint feature. Normally, it doesn’t catch fingerprints at all until your hands get pretty greasy or something. Samsung S7/S7 Edge owners have been complaining of the device smudging as hell because of the glass back. In contrast, UHANS A101 stays clean as hell.

Could you leave fingerprints on UHANS A101? Any tips? Find more details here.