Elephone ELE Whisper headphones With Active Noise Cancellation Released!

by Dimitris Economou 2

After some leaked partial renderings of a new product last week, most users have guessed the new model launched by Elephone will be a headphone. To be exact, the new headphone set, ELE Whisper, is an active noise-canceling headphone developed together by Elephone and China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation ( CASC).

ELE Whisper

The development team of ELE Whisper is composed of research specialists in CASC who are dedicated to research on I.A.N.C. smart active noise-canceling technology for a long time. Committed to the noise-canceling career for the defense, aerospace, and the armed forces in China, they provided active noise-canceling technology support before for the Liaoning ship, manned spaceships, and other major national carriers.

Powered by China Aerospace military-grade CASC863A chips, ELE Whisper can reach 35db depth and 4000HZ width noise-canceling. It can isolate and “remove” those unwanted sounds while preserving the original audio signal, and then bring you better music enjoyment. Moreover, the oval ear design is applied on ELE Whisper to fit human ear canal more naturally without discomforting the user even when listening to music in a lateral position.

ELE Whisper

In terms of power consumption, ELE Whisper delivers good usage times as it can function for 25 hours from full charge. The battery is needed for active noise canceling but the headset can also be used as a normal headset without noise canceling if you run out of battery.

Several well-known brands such as Bxx Sxx and China’s Hxx are in the industry of noise-canceelling and Elephone gave a comparison chart for several noise-canceling headphones

ELE Whisper
More details can be found on : http://www.elephone.hk