Huawei’s New Smartwatch For Kids (Pictures)

by Suhaib 0

A few days back we reported that Huawei has launched a children’s smartwatch in collaboration with Disney and Marvel. The smartwatch is priced at 688 Yuan ($104) and is available based on four different cartoon characters namely Minnie, Mickey, Frozen Four, and Captain America. Below are the images of the smartwatch.

At the time of the launch, we didn’t have any pictures of the watch. Now, that we do, we have added them below for you to see.

huawei smartwatch-1 huawei smartwatch-2 huawei smartwatch-3 huawei smartwatch-4 huawei smartwatch-5 huawei smartwatch-6 huawei smartwatch-7 huawei smartwatch-8

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This smartwatch for kids comes with many impressive features and it comes equipped with GPS, compass, WLAN, and accelerometer. It also comes with a unique “Shake” feature which enables the users to share the data across two smartwatches within a 10m radius. Further, the data from these smartwatches can be stored on Huawei’s cloud services.