The Meizu M3E Can Control A Car Remotely, Confirms Company

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Meizu’s newest phone is the Meizu M3E which was launched a few hours ago. Apart from the nice specifications and price, one unique feature of the M3E is its car remote feature, which is putting it in the simplest form.

M3E 02

Just before we dive in, it is important to mention that the phone can only be used with just a particular car at the moment, the Roewe RX5, which is jointly made by Chinese state-owned SAIC, and Alibaba. It is a compact SUV car featuring Alibaba’s specially developed software, YunOS for Car and is marketed as the first mass-produced internet car.

roewe rx5 2

The Meizu M3E acts as a sort of smart key for the Roewe RX5, carrying out functions such as locking and unlocking of doors, heating the seats, and displaying real-time vehicle information.

roewe rx5 3

So if you own the RX5 and the Meizu M3E, you should be able to monitor things like oil level (probably fuel level too), plot navigation routes, heat the car seats before getting in and basic unlock features.

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We hope more features will be announced soon or added in form of updates. However, if you don’t own the RX5 that doesn’t mean you should rule out buying the Meizu M3E. It is a pretty solid phone with a nice price point.