EleEnter Game1 Mechanical Keyboard LED lighting demonstration (Video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Mechanical keyboards offer awesome typing experience and accuracy in-parallel with the nostalgic sound of a traditional typewriter some offer. Most mechanical keyboards are intended for gaming and thus they offer a bit more functionality by adding multi-color LED lights under the key caps and programmable keys for every game separately. Elephone recently released such a keyboard, the EleEnter Game1.

EleEnter Game1

Adjustable backlight system is definitely the most attracting point when it comes to a mechanical keyboard. Therefore, EleEnter Game1 is no exception and yesterday, Elephone uploaded a video demonstrating what kind of visual experience the EleEnter Game1 backlight system can bring to you.
Through a combination of multimedia FN keys with part of the function keys on the keypad, you can turn on, switch and turn off the backlight which has an adjustable RGB color mode via the use of long-life LED lights.

EleEnter Game1 has nine kinds of lighting modes, 5 game modes, static lighting, dynamic lighting, light waves, monochromatic lighting system, blending style lighting, 3G color mixing, breathing lights. You can turn on and off the lights at your choice while mixed colorful lighting serves its function best at night. Below you can watch the beautiful effect of the keyboard while more details can be found on http://www.elephone.hk/.