UHANS A101: The New Ultra Affordable Smartphone in Additional Pictures!

by Suhaib 1

For the past few days, you must have heard about the UHANS A101, made by a lesser known Chinese brand called Uhans. The Uhans A101 is meant to be a tribute to Nokia but there are some who believe the phone is some kind of a funny parody to Samsung’s Galaxy S7 or maybe even the Galaxy S4.


As far as Uhans A101 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are concerned, they both lie in two different segments. While both Samsung galaxy S7 and Uhans A101 have perfectly rounded edges and corners, the difference comes in the material used in the manufacturing of these devices. While Samsung Galaxy S7 uses a premium glass, Uhans A101 makes use of a rubberised coating on the plastic material. The texture of Uhans A101 makes them free of smudges and does not attract fingerprints.


Further, the specifications of these two smartphones are poles apart. But all these specs come at a price as Samsung Galaxy S7 is priced at a staggering $750 while Uhans A101 comes at a price which is 10 times lower than that of Samsung Galaxy S7.



Uhans A101 borrows three characteristics from Nokia and blends it into the Android framework and those characteristics are compact, hard-wearing and a removable battery. Uhans CEO Eric Wu said, “People are overusing smartphones these days, some are even addicted, so we want more and more functions on a smartphone. But we don’t really need that much, sometimes less is more.”

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Uhans A101 is expected to price somewhat around $70 (465 Yuan) which makes this an ultra-affordable smartphone. The pre-sale of this smartphone will start in few days but an exact date is not mentioned. Stay tuned for the latest updates.