Blu Pure XR Coming Soon, 4GB RAM & More at $299

by Suhaib 1

The all-American brand, Blu, is going to launch a new mid-range smartphone in the market very soon and this smartphone will go by the name Blu Pure XR, to be unveiled on August 29. This smartphone will be a flagship device from the brand and will carry a price tag of $299 which comes to around 1984 Chinese Yuan.

blu pure xr

The Blu Pure XR smartphone will be packing a 4GB RAM which is revealed by the teaser image above. A physical Home button is also visible which may come with a fingerprint sensor integrated into it. Considering the price of the smartphone, we can guess that it would come with some high-end features but as of now, they are a well-kept secret by Blu.

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In addition to that, the fans can win a Blu Pure XR smartphone in a contest which is open to all US residents who are 18 years or older, before the smartphone is officially launched. To know more about this contest please click here.

Now, let’s wait and watch what specs the phone comes with and whether it’s powerful enough for the $299 price tag.