UMi Max can help you when you run out of memory (video)

by Dimitris Economou 1

Recently, Google advertised its Google Photos Cloud Backup feature by  using an iPhone running out of space, clearly mocking the strategy Apple follows concerning the iPhone storage capacity. And cloud backup is one solution but there is another, the one UMi is following with the UMi Max.

UMi Max

So, what kind of thoughts and feelings do you experience when you run out of space? How would you describe them? We have some real users statements given to UMi by its fans.

Tom: “Like a trip to a crowded subway, you hurry to go to work, you want to buy a ticket but could not make it on time as the ticket line is so crowded. Reach late, lose time, get a bad mood”

Selina: “In the supermarket, you buy a bunch of home-needed products, when you suddenly realize that you don’t carry enough money and you have to leave some of the necessary products on the counter. In parallel, when you insufficient memory, you begin to remove photos, videos and apps from your device, some of them you would prefer to keep. This feeling really is too bad, you feel like smashing the phone”

Jack: “It is like making a 20-year old wear the clothes of a 6-year old. This is for me the most profound feeling. We have photographs we need, video files stored with information we need and so on, but the phone memory is low in most devices, we need more as demands are growing”

As it seems, low storage on smartphones is a pain and as more and more devices come without a microSD slot, the problem gets bigger. This is where UMi Max excels compared to similar offers from other companies. UMi Max can support massive 256GB storage space where you can store photos, videos and install apps as well. In addition to the metal build and specs that include HelioP10 CPU, SONY 4000mAh Big Battery, 13MP Rear Camera, 3GB RAM, HiFi +, USB Type-C, it is a very good deal, especially at the price tag it comes.

Currently, at $169.99 and with a giveaway contest running, it may be the best all-rounder device. More info can be found here.

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