Vernee Apollo Lite Teardown (Video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

As the company’s first deca-core smartphone, Vernee Apollo Lite showcases the high requirements the Vernee team has set on the quality of their products.

Vernee Apollo Lite space Grey

Most consumers know very little about their digital products except for the functionalities, design and handling experience. However, great user experience, especially for a smartphone, derives from not only superficial factors, but also from the high quality of its components and the assembly process. Within the limited space between screen and back cover of a smartphone, hides great technology and complicated process, unknown to most people.

Recently, Vernee Official released a video displaying the internal parts and structure of its current flagship – Apollo Lite. This video also demonstrates Vernee’s pursuit of high quality and application of high technology. There are no huge differences between different devices nowadays but it’s a good thing Vernee releases videos like these, as educating the users is always useful. Think of it as if you are a driver and you know nothing about how your car works.

If you want to give the Vernee Apollo Lite a try, go ahead and visit TomTop to purchase the device.

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