UHANS Gives Out 5 Good Reasons Why UHANS A101 Is The Best $60 Phone

by Suhaib 11

The entry level smartphone from Chinese brand UHANS that goes by the name UHANS A101 is said to be a tribute to Nokia and sports the same quality as a Nokia smartphone. According to the brand, UHANS A101 is the best $60 smartphone. The brand has listed 5 reasons stating why UHANS A101 is the best $60 smartphone.

UHANS A101-02

UHANS A101 carries a price tag of $60 but from the look of it, it does not look like a cheap phone. The rounded corners and the ergonomic design make it elegant and lend it the premium finish it comes with.

UHANS A101-04

The 5-inch display from SHARP offers a great viewing experience with ample brightness and contrast ratio. The brand claims that display on this smartphone is on par with the display on Samsung Galaxy S7 which is a big claim. Further, it comes equipped with a Corning Glass 4 and 2.5D curved glass to protect it from smudges and scratches. That’s not all, there are two layers of anti-fingerprint coating you provide you the best viewing experience possible.

UHANS A101-03

Most of the smartphones of today come with a non-removable back panel but not UHANS A101. This smartphone comes with a rubberized housing on the back which is resistant to any fingerprint or grease.

UHANS A101-05

Most of the entry level smartphones lack the 4G LTE connectivity which is a must have connectivity feature on a smartphone and UHANS knows it very well. UHANS A101 comes with 4G LTE support at just $60 which according to the brand is the most exciting thing about this smartphone and gives this smartphone an upper hand over other entry-level smartphones.

UHANS A101-01

Last but not the least, UHANS A101 comes with independent BOX A101 which gives it a crystal clear sound and a great sound effect and all that at a price of just $60.

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UHANS says that this is the best $60 smartphone and the above-mentioned reasons are enough to prove it. To know more about this smartphone you can proceed to this link. The pre-sale of this smartphone has begun and you can buy one by visiting this link.