Did Xiaomi Mi Box Speakers Copy Jawbone Mini Jambox’s Design?

by Suhaib 3

Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Box Speakers a while back and now Xiaomi is accused of copying its design directly from the Jawbone Mini Jambox. Though there is a major difference in price, the Xiaomi Mi box and Jawbone Mini Jambox bears a lot of similarity in design. You can see the image below to get a grasp of what we are talking about here.

xiaomi mi box vs jawbone mini

Xiaomi Mi Box and Jawbone Mini Jambox bears a similarity in looks especially the front speaker grill design. Jawbone’s  Chief Designer, Yves Behar, recently posted on Twitter, that Xiaomi’s Mi Box Bluetooth speaker has copied Jawbone Mini Jambox speaker design. You can check out his Tweet below.

xiaomi vs jawbone

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It will be interesting to note how Xiaomi responds to this accusation.