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Will Vernee Mars have a blue version as the iPhone 7?

by Dimitris Economou 3

September is a very important month for smartphone market. Tech followers know pretty well what will happen in this month – Apple new product launch event. And the coming iPhone 7 has gained a lot of attention recently. According to previous leaked photos, the real appearance of iPhone 7 has already showed up. And it’s not a secret neither that the device will sport arc antenna. Now what catches our eyeballs is that Apple may add a deep blue version of iPhone 7. And Vernee seems to have the same idea in terms of industrial design with the Vernee Mars along with the Champagne Gold color.

Vernee Mars Vernee Mars

Previously, Vernee official claimed that Mars, its coming product, will have an arc antenna similar to Meizu Pro 6 and iPhone 7. And recently it’s released out another breaking news: Vernee Mars may have blue version as well. Along with this news are several real photos of Mars’ blue metal back cover with exactly the same shape of previous leaked champagne gold version.

What do you think of the color? Would you buy Vernee Mars in Deep Blue?

Vernee Mars Vernee Mars

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  • G’n’T

    Sign me up! lol. Would want to see reviews on this first but that Blue looks good. A lot better than the standard gold colours currently on offer.

  • Redarmor35

    More and more brands are applying the blue color.

  • jimberkas

    blue and red will be the new rose gold. and thank god for that.
    This Mars is quite interesting, can’t wait to see final specs and price.