Is UHANS A101 as Durable as Nokia? Company Performs A Drop Test! (Video)

by Dimitris Economou 10

UHANS’ tribute to Nokia is already known but what are those characteristics that are similar to old Nokia phones so the tribute is true? A true Nokia device must be durable. So, is the UHANS A101 durable? Well, the company has done a dropping test to show how tough A101 is so that all your doubts fade away.



When you reach your phone in your pockets or hold it in your hand, sometimes it just happens to drop on the floor. Thankfully, UHANS A101 will not get any damages with its customized protective case on. No matter it is the edge hits the floor, the back side crushes to it or even the front panel drops, there will be no damages done.

If you still have doubts, just check the video that shows the drop test being performed in two steps. One from pocket height and one from hand hold height, the height the device usually has when you are using it.

If you want to grab the device, go ahead while presale is ongoing and get it at $59.99 for a limited time from here.