Elephone R9 vs iPhone 6 Plus thickness comparison

by Dimitris Economou 1

Elephone is not resting at all and, as already known, is getting ready to release the Elephone R9, the first of Elephone R Series which is designed with a combination of thinness and beauty in mind. In order to build the ultra – thin body of R9 and guarantee the overall beauty and functionality, the R&D team of Elephone began to study design process as early as a year ago. After dozens of improvements and testing, R9 came to life featuring a slim body.

In order to give users an idea of the device’s design and thinness, Elephone made a comparison with Iphone 6 Plus as far as thinness is concerned.Elephone R9


From the figure shown on the caliper, we can see, the thickness of Elephone R9’s body is only 7.55mm in opposition to the Iphone 6 Plus that measures at 7.60mm.  That is a bit odd, since Apple officially states that the iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1mm thick. Nevertheless, the upcoming Elephone R9 is undeniably a thin device.

Elephone R9

The bottom line is that more and more companies pay attention to build quality and design and Elephone is one that really does a lot of work in order to create an ultra-thin body on R9 and bring better experience for its users.

What do you think of the R9 design? More info will soon be available on http://www.elephone.hk/

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