Leagoo V1 Comes with Good Specs and Different Design

by Dimitris Economou 3

Maybe the Leagoo T1 gained the most attention of the media lately, but the company has already a new device ready for release, the Leagoo V1, a device that differentiates from most current smartphones in terms of design.

Leagoo V1

Leagoo markets the device as both a luxurious as well as a secure device. The security comes from two directions. The first is the fingerprint sensor that comes on almost low-to-mid devices and ensures that the device gets unlocked only by the fingers of the user. The second is its OS, called Sec OS (from Security) and is based on Android. No further details are known about it.

Leagoo V1

But what about luxury? To achieve a certain level of luxury, the company has decided to use real calfskin to dress the exterior of the device. Unlike other devices that had pseudo-leather back covers, the Leagoo V1 is a combination of metal and leather.

On the hardware side, its main specs are:

Octa-Core SoC
Support 4G
RAM+ROM: 3G+16G / 3G+32G, 128GB microSD support
Fingerprint sensor
LGQC 5V/1.5A (LEAGOO Quick Charge)
5’’ HD Display
8.0MP+13.0MP front/back camera
3000mAh battery
Sec OS 1.0 (based on Android 5.1)

More information can be found on www.leagoo.com