Ulefone Metal Released In Gold Color

by Suhaib 0

Ulefone unveiled Ulefone Metal some two months back with mid-range specs in three different color versions including Black, Gray, and Silver. Now the brand has announced the launch of a Gold colored version of Ulefone Metal. Ulefone announced a few days back that Ulefone Metal has sold around 300 thousand units and the release of Golden version of the same will further surge the sales. You can purchase Ulefone Metal Gold from online store Aliexpress.com for a price of $119.99 which comes around to 800 Yuan.

ulefone metal

As you can see already, Ulefone Metal in Gold color looks quite good and is definitely going to help Ulefone to climb some more steps of success and achieve more numbers in sales. The gold version of Ulefone Metal flaunts a unibody metal design with a gold finish and a White colored bezel running on the front of the smartphone. Ulefone has released a video as well to promote the Golden version of this phone which you can watch below.

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The hardware and software specifications of this version are same as that of the Black, Gray, and Silver versions. Like other versions, Ulefone Metal Gold version will come with many gifts like a tempered screen glass and flip case. Stay tuned for latest updates.

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