Elephone C1: New device leaked

by Dimitris Economou 0

While we are expecting the start of the presale period for Elephone S7 and R9, it seems that the company has more aces up its sleeves. Today, there was a leak for a new device with good build quality and features as Elephone has been doing with all its devices lately. The model is called Elephone C1.

Elephone C1

Little information is known for the time being. Rumors say that there will be 2 color options, Dark Blue and Golden. Android 6.0 will come out of the box, something that makes us hope that there will be an update to Android 7 Nougat sometime in the future. It will be a 5.5″ device (the favorite dimension of Chinese manufacturers) with HD resolution, dual flash for the camera on the back that will also host the fingerprint sensor with support for wake-up from black screen. The body of the device is said to be made of metal.

Elephone C1

With C1 joining the product line, Elephone has to target at a tempting price to offer more choices to worldwide users because it would make no sense to offer similar devices at similar prices. More information about Elephone C1 still remain unknown but we expect to hear from the Company soon.