Get Bluboo Maya Max For Just $79.99 From Gearbest

by Suhaib 6

Online store is back with another superb offer where it is selling Bluboo Maya Max at a discounted price. The special flash sale offer begins on September 5 at UTC 9:00 and ends on September 10 during which you can get Bluboo Maya Max for as low as $79.99 (534 Yuan).

bluboo maya gearbest

This special offer is limited to 10 units of Bluboo Maya Max every day. In addition to that, Gearbest is also giving away an explosion-proof film and a protective back case for this smartphone for free.

If you are not able to purchase this smartphone for $79.99 then do not worry as there’s another offer. From September 5 UTC 9:00 to September 11, you can purchase the Bluboo Maya Max for just $139.99 (935 Yuan) availing a discount of $40. You will be getting the explosion-proof film and protective back case with this offer too as well.

You all are aware of the features and specifications of Bluboo Maya Max but to recap, you can look at the image below to know what this smartphone brings on the table.

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Once this special promotional offer ends, i.e. on September 12, Bluboo Maya Max will return to its original price of $179.99. So if you plan on buying this smartphone then hurry up before the stock runs out.