UHANS Reveals Four Hidden Features of the Ultra Cheap UHANS U101

by Suhaib 0

UHANS A101 is an incredibly cheap smartphone which brings 4G LTE connectivity at just $60 and is said to be inspired by the design of Casa Vicens. The brand behind the smartphone has even compared the display on this  smartphone to the display on Samsung Galaxy S7. Now the brand has revealed four hidden features in UHANS A101 which will save the user a lot of time and are very easy to perform.

UHANS A101-smart gestures-2

The four hidden features we are talking about here include Double Tap To Wake, Off- Screen Gestures, Wave Gestures, and Three Finger Screenshot. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Double Tap To Wake the display has been a hit among the masses and smartphone makers know this. We have seen Double Tap To wake feature on both high-end flagship devices and on budget smartphones as well. You can double tap UHANS U101’s display panel to bring it to life.

UHANS A101-smart gestures-1

Off Screen Gestures have been the part of the arsenal of many smartphones for a very long time and many international brands have adopted them over time. With off-screen gestures, you do not need to wake the display up and then go to the desired app or perform the desired action. All you need to do is to set up the gestures in settings and draw them on the display when it is off and your pre-set action or app will open.

Hand Wave gestures make use of proximity sensor and we already know how these gestures work. You can browse through the photos in gallery app without even touching the display just by swaying your hand over the proximity sensor.

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Once in a while, we need to capture the screen shot of our display for many purposes and to do this, people download some crappy apps which may not serve the purpose. UHANS A101 comes with a three-finger screenshot capture feature using which you can capture the screenshot of whatever is happening on your display just by swiping three fingers from top to bottom of the display and screenshot will be captured. Below is a video which demonstrates these hidden features in action.

For just $60, you are getting a smartphone which comes with 4G LTE connectivity and brings a lot more to play with.